Craft beer in Bergen

Take a walk from the cruise ship past the mediaeval Bryggen district to the Bergen Floibanen funicular railway which takes you up the Floyen mountain for panoramic views and hiking trails for about a fiver each.  Take a walk down the path back into the town where you can mooch around the lake and the fish market until it is time for a beer.

On a fine day you can walk for miles up and around the mountain which might leave you a bit short of time for beer.  In those circumstances, when the last embarkation time is approaching and your time for beer is short, my golden rule is make sure you can see the ship from the bar.  The ship will not wait while you lose your bearings after a couple of strong beers and it’s a hike to the next port under your own steam.

An ideal spot to run to the ship from in Bergen is Una, a craft beer bar with about 20 taps specialising in Norwegian microbreweries.  The address is 7 Bryggen so it is in the heart of the mediaeval district of Hanseatic commercial buildings which line the harbour.  Today the area houses shops, museums, restaurants and pubs.  You can’t miss the pub – it’s right there in the red brick building on the corner !

Don’t linger though.  Norway is extremely expensive for liquor and a 40cl glass will set you back about £10.  A small beer here is proportionately the same price per cl so a couple of small beers at least gives you a chance to try some different beers without completely busting the bank – though be wary the staff will always try to upsell to a large glass.

Thanks to Sean at Micro Beers in East Sheen for this recommendation.



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