Craft beer in Cadiz

An early inspiration for this blog was a visit to Cadiz.  Situated in South-West Spain, Cadiz is ideally situated for cruises to the Mediterranean and is a regular port of call.  Cadiz has the obligatory cathedral but no other significant must-visit spots (correct me if you think differently) leaving plenty of time for beer hunting.

Pick up a map at the little tourist information booth that is opposite where the ship docks and head along the tourist routes which are painted in various colours on the pavements.  This will guide you through the narrow streets and open plazas of the old town and will take you around the outside waterside walls of the city.  It’s a pleasant walking city but at some point in the day you’ll need refreshment.

You’ll easily find a sherry, or a flamenco dancer for that matter, but beer is harder to find.

There was a small beer shop called Gades on Jose del Toro street but I have just discovered the shop has recently closed after struggling for 5 years.  On my last visit, apart from a good range of Spanish craft beers, there was also 2 taps of draught.  It was a bit tucked away so hopefully they’ll reopen in a better spot in the future.

Gades also run a small pop-up bar on the Mercado Central de Cadiz  in the centre of the old town.  The Central Market is a modern foodie spot with over 100 stalls selling fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, fish, bread etc but has a token nod to beer.

At Gades bar, which is at cabin 118 (look around, you’ll see it eventually), you will find about a dozen bottled beers including the excellent 942 an American pale ale brewed by Dougall’s of Lierganes, in Cantabria, Northern Spain.  There are also usually 4 draught beers including Weihenstefan Weissbier and often a beer from the city brewery, Maier.

(Tip :  the loos are behind number 118, down in the lift, and opening hours are about 9.30 to 3.30)

In the centre of the Cadiz there is also a microbrewery, Maier.  The beers are hard to find in the city, the local bars seem hardly supportive but they are worth hunting down if you can.  The brewery hosts visits and has a bar area, though I have yet to do more than poke my head around the brewery door.  The brewery bar is open Monday to Friday 9 to 3 and 6 to 8.30.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit on a future trip.  Check out the (Spanish) website for further details or email

So, there you are.  Cadiz, a traditionally fairly dry city as far as beer is concerned but scratch the surface, seek and ye shall find something to sparkle those taste buds.


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