Cruising the P&O Cruises Beer List – Batemans Mocha Beer

Any cruise to see the Northern Lights will require a slow sail towards the Arctic Circle.  In most cases, like any cruise, this will need a day or two spent at sea.  For many passengers, a day at sea gives time to relax.  A time for line dancing, a chance to brush up on art and crafts skills, listen to the lecturer’s talk, catch up on reading, take a swim, enjoy a gym session or eat more and more (and more) food.

For me, a day at sea gives me a chance to take a closer look at the on-board beer list, my attention no longer distracted by the best bars and beers of any port of call.

The P&O beer list is strong on quality and variety.  There is a choice of 40 odd bottles in the ship’s pub (over 70 on flagship, Britannia).  Many are standard beers that many passengers will recognise; the likes of Fuller’s London Pride, Newcastle Brown Ale and Marstons Pedigree.  But there is also a sprinkling or more unusual beers to sniff out.  As usual time spent on research pays dividends.  My highlight from this cruise was a beer that I have never seen before, Mocha Beer brewed by Bateman’s Brewery in Lincolnshire.


Even for an amateur photographer, with a basic camera and in poor light, I’m sure you agree it really looks the part – appetising and inviting.  “Drink me !”

Served at cellar temperature (hopefully deliberately), the 6% rich chocolate/coffee dark beer was a perfect winter warmer with outside temperatures at about minus 9.  Silky, velvety and smooth, this was an unexpected treat.  Absolutely delicious, it fit the mood and the moment perfectly, a real winner – (vegan friendly too).  Many pubs are often reluctant to include such niche dark beers on their list.  My guess would be that this is not one of P&O biggest sellers but while it remains on the beer list it will be another go-to beer for me.

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